We Hung!

Yesterday (1/17/16) we hung on the top bar!!!!!!!!!☺ It was a huge step for X-Team we were so happy thanks for coming all this way all of you!

Qualifier Pictures


7:30 was when it started. 10:00 was a drivers meeting. 10:30 was the first round after that we got to work on our robot between rounds. We had problems with the treads and the phone. At 3:00 it ended we got third! After that we went to Silver bow pizza and went back home.

Robot…So far

The robot is going smooth. Work is going great! We have tried to go up the mountain and it kind of works. Right now we are trying to remove an axle. And now Wei screams BREAK TEST!  The arm is being dismantled because of the shriken.  robot build

Sunday Visit to Butte

The Notebook is Going to be Awesome!!!

The XTeam decided it was finally time to release the first ever notebook update. This year’s notebook duties have been taken on by first year member Thomas Penley. After what happened with last years notebook, the team decided to go back to a handwritten one.It is coming along well, hopefully it will be ready for the Butte Qualifier.

First Mock interview

Deakon:It was very awkward because it was the first practice and it was our first time. But no one really knew what to say. Seamus: It was very interesting, but some kids were staring into space.

10/5/15 Today’s Update

LogoJust got the website working we are all logged in and ready to go we made a prototype for the climbing mechanism it doesn’t work perfectly we will have to change it later…

Trying to climb the mountain

We built a basic robot with tank treads to see how it will work on the mountain.Prototype Robot

Pre season meeting

We are doing a-lot of downloading programs like Java and Android studio but we are having issues!