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State Championship

This upcoming Friday is the Montana State Competition in Bozeman. If any of our dedicated sponsors would like to come it would be AWESOME!!! This is a free event.

Our robot is competition ready. We can do everything on the field except hang on the bar during end game. We are excited to start competing and are hoping to get to super-regionals. Look for us in our neon yellow shirts.

Rep. Steve Daines Presentation and Scrimmage

xteam-5416 xteam-5420Last Wednesday,

We had a demonstration of our robot in front of Representative Steve Daines. We had an “informal” competition with the other Helena teams. Fusion, TWOCA, and the Axolotls had a hard time connecting to their robots, so we just showed what we could do. Overall, it was a fun experience having all of the Helena teams in one place.

Wyoming here we come

Trap doorWe are all excited to go to Wyoming to compete this weekend. This will not be a scheduled match but we are still hoping that we do very well. Jaskret and I have been putting in extra hours driving to make sure that we are successful with our new attachment. The attachment is a box with an opening on one side. On our box we also have a servo with a piece of lexan that will help keep the blocks in the box. This works very well for us and I would highly recommend it.