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Robot This Week


Our robot this week:

The competition this year:

We are working on arm this week. The drawing is the plan of the scoop. The gray points are pivot points/motors, and it will be able to rise over 90cm when completed! This arm is going to rise the wiffle balls from the ground into the 3 graduated cylinders.



New Robot



Any name suggestions?

Another year, another robot!

Welcome everyone to the new season! As planning and building pulls into full swing we’d just like to say good luck to everyone competing this year.

Happy Building!

– X-Team Robotics.

X-Team Robotics is back again!

The X-Team is back in session! We will be in Exploration Works and we are hosting a kickoff event with Fusion. It is at Exploration Works on September 6th 2-5 PM. Hope to see you there!