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Behind the scenes of the robot

The robot made progress, but the code behind the robot has improved! We have been strategizing on paths our robot has been taking, and are making the code easier to understand. With the introduction of the Neverest motor, we have incorporated it into the drive function. Simply, we have made it easier to program and to understand.

X-Team Robotics is back again!

The X-Team is back in session! We will be in Exploration Works and we are hosting a kickoff event with Fusion. It is at Exploration Works on September 6th 2-5 PM. Hope to see you there!

End of the Year

X-Team is now into off season. We are willing to do demonstrations at any time. If you would like to have a demonstration please call us at 465-1734.

Idaho Competition and Helena Credit Union Demo

Sorry it has been a while. A couple of weeks ago the team went to Idaho. Unlike at Bozeman, we were not in the finalist alliance but we did better individually. This is the end of the competition season. Last Friday, we did a demo at Helena Credit Union. We worked on the hanging mechanism to keep us busy. We also made a smaller demo field for this purpose. It was an excellent experience going to the Credit Union.

Thanks to ALL of our generous sponsors!

State Championship

This upcoming Friday is the Montana State Competition in Bozeman. If any of our dedicated sponsors would like to come it would be AWESOME!!! This is a free event.

Our robot is competition ready. We can do everything on the field except hang on the bar during end game. We are excited to start competing and are hoping to get to super-regionals. Look for us in our neon yellow shirts.

Rep. Steve Daines Presentation and Scrimmage

xteam-5416 xteam-5420Last Wednesday,

We had a demonstration of our robot in front of Representative Steve Daines. We had an “informal” competition with the other Helena teams. Fusion, TWOCA, and the Axolotls had a hard time connecting to their robots, so we just showed what we could do. Overall, it was a fun experience having all of the Helena teams in one place.

Video Conference

Today we met with four rookie teams from Eureka. We met and answered their questions, because we have an experienced mentor. We have realized we are a rookie team but not a rookie team.

Montana Qualifiers

Yesterday we went to the Montana qualifiers in Butte.¬† Every team that showed up qualified because of the small amount of teams that showed up. But the coolest thing is that we came in first! Let’s hope that we can do this good at the state competition in February.

Senator John Tester Presentation

Today we did a presentation at Exploration Works. Not everyone does a presentation in front of one of their state’s senators! The remote control¬†functions work perfectly except for the flag arm. We are hoping to do more presentations like these in the future.

Xteam-17 Xteam-15

Setting up the website

Hello world! Our team just set up our new website! I will post more in a week or so.