Engineering is finally done!

Almost. We are doing general tweaking, but other than that, programming is in full swing.

Let there be light!

We get some lights for the robot to make it look a little nicer, blue and yellow for the win.

On another note, the robot is going well, along with a few hicups including a wiggle of the worm gear, as well as some issues with servo and encoder wires. Other then that, we just need to get the last wrinkles ironed out and finish up the programming.

2015 FedEx Innovation Challenge

FedEx is helping out FIRST and they have created a social media challenge where we have to tag a picture of us with the robot. Check out our Twitter and our brand new Instagram! Check us out and don’t be afraid to give a like!


Spool is on!

Thanks to the Helena Public Library, we 3D printed our spool, and now its on! Thanks guys.

Programming, Wires and screws! OH MY!

First of all, Hunter finished the menu, so now we can choose straigies from the NXT

Ethan solders the wires for the motor and servo controller, but the linear slides get in the way of the wirings. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD! (For wiring, anyway…)

We take 2 hours screwing a screw into the funnel. Thats fun… not.

Wiring begins

The wiring is now starting, so we just have to attach the scoop to the robot, then finish wiring and attach the spool so the linear slide can move. We seem far away, but the robot is close to being finished.

The arm continues

We have improved remarkably! The linear slide is on, and after a few minor mistakes, the 2nd part of the arm is going on very soon.

The scoop is done, we just need to attach it to the 2nd part of the arm. We have attached a few motors, now we just need to get some power, finish up the arm and we will almost(keyword almost) be done!

X-Team Robotics wishes you a very happy Holidays and a happy New Year!

-Ella and X-Team Robotics

Arm in development.

Our arm building has been progressing very slowly because we lack the parts to build it. Hopefully we will get the robot done before the new year.

So far so good!

The very first part of the arm starts going on and the chains and motors are on. Not to bad for starting from scratch!

Also Hunter and I have finished working on last year’s bot and we are thinking of¬†using it to program the autonomous.

Status Update: The robot

Our robot seems to have been going backwards! We still only have 4 wheels and a frame. Last year’s robot that Hunter and I have been renovating is done though!